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Hyperhydrosis Botox Aftercare

For two days prior to your treatment:
Recent studies have found that people deficient in the mineral zinc do not get optimal results from botox, since the mineral is required by the body to bind with botox. Therefore, to get the best results, you are advised to ideally take a zinc supplement for a couple of days prior to your treatment, and on the day of treatment.


One day prior to your treatment:
For optimum results when being treated under the arms, the area should be free from hair. Shaving should therefore be carried out at least 24 hours before the day of treatment.

Post Treatment


Do not apply pressure to/or massage the treatment area.

• Pinpoint bleeding may occur and will resolve quickly.

• Rarely, patients may develop mild bruising and or sensitivity around the injection site.  This will resolve within the first week after treatment.

• Any immediate redness or swelling will subside within an hour.

Four hours following your treatment:
Do stay upright and do not bend over.
Do not take vitamin E, aspirin, or alcohol.
For treatments under the arms, do not apply deodorant or antiperspirant until the morning following treatment.

24 hours following your treatment:
Do not rub or massage the treated area.

Do not have any other treatments in the same area.

 48 hours following your treatment:
Do not go to the gym or undertake any strenuous physical activity.
Do not travel by airplane.


One week following your treatment do not have any of the following treatments:

Laser treatment or any electrical beauty treatments.

Your results will appear gradually over the period of 3-10 days.


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