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Micro-needling with PRP: Advantages and disadvantages?

The first advantage that many have discussed in the procedure is the amazing results. PRP is proven to influence the reduction of collagen fibre in the skin positively. All kinds of skin are affected by collagen reduction. The risk of scarring is significantly reduced in those who apply it every two to four weeks.

Then, the same day, you can feel the improvement in your skin. Skin becomes so soft and supple that the most amazing makeup looks possible for them. I witnessed this when I was applying makeup on this young lady.

Even though it is now very common, it is still very effective. We all wonder what I mean, and there are so many forms of PRP treatment. Here is the procedure described by Dr. Jose Antonio De Jesus, where he explains his personal experience with PRP. He gives us all the benefits and disadvantages of this treatment.

Avoid using on;





Deep lines

PRP and brown spots

PRP is used to remove brown spots and hyper-pigmentation. If there is a chance of spreading such spots, you should choose another treatment.

PRP is used to remove brown spots and hyper-pigmentation. If there is a chance of spreading such spots, you should choose another treatment. The procedure can only be used on dark spots and turn white with age. It is also not suitable for dark spots on lips.

It is estimated that one can lose up to 30% of collagen after 60 years. This is due to daily exposure to UV radiation and lack of natural hormone production.

PRP therapy is also effective when used on:

The technique was used in a clinical study to reduce the black spots and dilate blood vessels on the upper face quickly. PRP-created blood vessels expand the skin’s volume, thus reducing the deep dark circles and dark spots.

After three treatments, it was demonstrated that the apparent dark marks could be reduced to a 1.5 cm minimum. More than 80% of the patients that finished the therapy had a satisfactory level of improvement.

At this point, there are various treatments, but the key is consistency. This treatment is very new, so there are still drawbacks and problems that need to be solved. A patient with two PRP treatments should wait for one year before seeing the full effect of the procedure.

PRP for Face and Eyelids

It is a facial PRP treatment for people with facial scars or dark circles under their eyes. These are all caused by a repeated corneal puncture in surgery. This problem could be fixed by reducing the superficial blood vessels.

It is recommended to do this treatment at least once a month. However, it can be applied daily if you see significant improvement. This method has also been tested for elbows and brows.

PRP for Warts

This treatment can be done several times a day. It is extremely effective in curing warts and removing them from the skin. It has also been studied on wart-free individuals. This treatment can also be used to fix melanomas.

PRP treatment for Pin-Heads

If you have pin-head syndrome and want to reduce the severity of the abnormality, this treatment can be applied several times a day. It is one of the best ways to remove all little bits.

Final thought:

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This article was first published at Lotus Blog site

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